Why E commerce market is growing in small cities like Raipur

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Why E commerce market is growing in small cities like Raipur

Why E commerce market is growing in small cities like Raipur 

In contemporary times, if there is something other than your soul that moves absolutely concomitant with you, it’s definitely the Smartphone. And at the same time, if there is something that has encouraged such sprinting success of these devices is definitely the growing addiction of humans towards internet. Web has been conducive for every sector; however, it has turned out to be the most compliant through the ecommerce sites. The most encouraging part of the whole process here is to mention that the smaller cities are offering the lion’s part of the entire e-commerce business over the nation.

Smaller cities are more festive 

According to the statistics, more than fifty percent of businesses on the renowned e-commerce destinations have been driven through the smaller cities. Especially, these parts of the nation have shown an impacting interest on consumer products.

Interestingly, a leading e-commerce site has to say that the rates of transactions in metro cities have fallen drastically in recent times, especially during the festive occasions. On the other hand, the small towns like Indore, Bhubaneswar, Raipur , Bhilai etc have hiked their business during the same time by more than a double. Snapdeal has something similar to say. It claims more than fifty percent of its business have been evident from the small cities. Lenskart has been a staple on this regard showing a great faith on consumer base in smaller cities.

E-commerce sites filling the variety void, making things flexible:

The market research firms have figured out the limited shopping centres in comparison to the metro cities as a reason for the above scenarios. They explain people in smaller cities are finding greater and latest varieties of their favourite niche through these e-commerce sites. Well, you can’t ignore the very professional attitudes of these sites those have concreted their trust.

Myntra.com’s CEO, Mukesh Bansal has also showered a lot of priority for these small cities. He terms the ease of purchasing through these platforms as the reason that has provoked people in non metros goes for it at a higher rate.

Financially beneficial, technically productive:

According to a recent study that was taken place in more than three thousand Indian cities, reveal that about fifty one percent of the entire businesses on e-commerce platforms have been evident on smaller cities. It explains the abundance of varieties as the reason that has influenced greatly. It’s a fact at the same time that the much hyped brands would always love to promulgate their stuffs at an ecommerce store, rather than investing a bulk and opening a store.E-commerce site owners are employing SEO techniques those are absolutely efficacy centric. Making things easier, highly user-friendly tools are being developed that always inspires you to open an e-commerce site.


In short, you can say the smaller cities, and the ecommerce sites are supporting each other in the best possible way driving every effort in their favour. The best of the entire process is that the prominent brands are not missing their market, neither the fans.

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