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Social Media instruction from election commisiion

Strict Social Media guideline issued by Indian election commission for political campaigning

As the election is approaching in India, political parties are getting ready with their Social media strategy and promotional techniques but election commission of India on Monday drawn a very strict do's and don't for parties for their social media campaigns. Here's taking a quick look at some of the key guidelines issued for parties and candidates for Lok Sabha with respect to social media campaigning. There will be a expert panel which will moniter social media activity of the [...]

Latest Update on YouTube from July 2018 [ Very important ]

YouTube changes its community guideline policy, Makes system clear & consistent

In a recent update from youtube on 19 Feb 2019, Youtube has announced big changes to its community guide line policy where it says it going to be more transparent and clear about its rule and strike rules.  After so many updates in favor of advertiser Youtube first time since 2010, is updating its strikes policy, in an effort to maintain consistency and clarity across the community.   In order to improve transparency, youtube has brought 3 updates.  1st warning Youtube says " [...]

This article answers on how can improve your website SEO in the year 2019

How you should I mprove your SEO in 2019 ?

Search engine priority are changing so does the the SEO technique to get good rank in search engines. So what SEO strategy you should adopt in order to improve your ranking in 2019. Improve user satisfaction and understand user intent User intent is much talked about topic in recent months before you write any content you should know for whom you are writing the content and what users expect after landing to your web page. If a user [...]

Facebook Starts Adbreak for Indian Creators

Facebook extends ad breaks for Indian creators

In a creators day event here in India, Facebook extends ad break functionality for Indian creators. Ad break was working in 9 countries since last one year, but now it is extending for Indian publishers as well. Ad break is a functionality where creators ( Video creators) can monetize their content. Creators can insert short ads that people can include in their eligible videos to earn money. Ad breaks are now available for eligible partners in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam [...]