Social Media Marketing mistake you should avoid [ Updated for 2021 ]

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
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Social Media Marketing mistake you should avoid [ Updated for 2021 ]

Social Media Marketing & #Facebook #Business page owners must avoid these mistakes to grow, if you do any of the above mistakes it can endanger your marketing effort and reduce your #SocialMediaMarketing reach. If you want organic growth to your page then never ever make these mistakes.

#1. Never invite fake profiles & bots to like your business page.

When we make new page either on Instagram or facebook, we fall for fake like, this act of yours seriously damage your profile. and reduces the engagement level very quickly so never ever invite fake bots to like page.

#2. Never invite family & friends to like your page.

Whenever we create a new social media page, we invite family members to like it and we share with friends on WhatsApp to like our page. But it adversely affects our page engagement rate. As your family & friends like your page but never engages with the content. It reduces the content reach as Facebook thinks your content is not good. SO, never share your business page with your family & friends. only share with an interested group.

Don’t invite your family & friends to like your page.

#3. dont sale all the time.

The biggest mistake page owner does is sell their business all the time on social media. It irritates your audience and makes them leave your page. It also reduces the chances of any engagement with your page. So, Selling should be your ultimate objective of Social Media efforts but not the mean. Mean should be giving value to your customer.

Don’t Sale all the time.

#4. Complete your profile – Business page Info.

If you leave your business page blank, it shows your seriousness towards the business and social media efforts. Make sure fill out all the information of your Social Media page. Especially Profile picture, cover, story , story pic , address, Website if any etc.

Complete your business profile.

#5. Use real & relevant #Hashtgs

Most of the people use Hashtag very irresponsibly, or use useless hashtags. I request you all that don’t use hashtags just for a shake of it. Because when you use hashtag Fb or Insta show your content under those hashtag and if your content is not relevant to those hashtag people dont engage and FB/insta further reduces your content reach. If you use too much hashtag their is danger of shadow ban as well. So please use less Hashtag & relevant hashtags.

#6. Use Original content

Use original & Good quality content on your Social Media profile. Bad quality content or copied content from others profile or some other website is not liked by Social media profile or by Google search engine itself.

Use original Content

#7. Know your audience & Social Media Marketing objective.

The biggest mistake company & business person does in doing their Social Media marketing process is not understanding their Social Media goal and not knowing their audience. And these two are 1st and foremost thing to do while you start your SMM activity.

Understand your Social Media Audience

To get the more clear idea of what not to do on your Social Media Business page – Watch this video.

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