How To Validate That Your Digital Marketing Campaign is on a right path

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How To Validate That Your Digital Marketing Campaign is on a right path

Many times the business owner wonders whether his Digital Marketing plan running on a right path or he is making mistake, and it becomes really difficult to understand and judge own Digital Marketing campaign success.  In this research article, we are going to tell you about the tools and way to comprehend the success and effectiveness of your Digital Marketing plan.


Evaluation of the success of your Digital Marketing plan depends on many things but majorly it is depended on the goal of your Business & Marketing campaign.  Let’s suppose your campaign goal is to create awareness then your web traffic might be one result upon which you can rely to get the campaign result but if your objective was to get sales done or cross sale then only increase in traffic can’t be the parameter of your campaign success.

to get a proper evaluation report, every brand and manager need to first be aware of the procedures and processes of digital marketing measurement process:


#Know about Digital Marketing measurement tool

  •  Google Analytics – It is a primer tool to analyze web pages, apps, and different marketing channels, it uses java code on each page of website and apps to generate data result.
  • Google AdWords – It is a form of statistics, which tells us the success and ROI of google ad campaign.
  • Google webmaster – Google webmaster tools primarily deal with the visibility of the website in the search engine and technical error of the website.
  • google alert – Give notification to remain updated about the happenings of the website and coming tools of Google and Digital Marketing filed.
  • Web trends – It is a form of dashboard interface, gives the insight about customer interaction with you on different marketing channels.
  • Mixpanel – It answers the query.
  • Adobe Analytics – It is a premium product of Adobe, it gives the insight regarding prime customer ( high value ) focuses o real-time analytics.
  • Hootsuite – It shares a customized report on your social media performance and ad report. Majorly deals with social media campaign success.

Measuring tools are the most important elements that are used by any creator or evaluator to help evaluate the end result of a brand campaign.

There are several tools that can be used effectively to measure a successful digital marketing campaign, but it is not possible to use each and every tool for every time. That is the reason, a brand has to choose tools that are best suited to judge the success rate of brand campaign.

#What is Digital Marketing measurement formula

To know the Digital marketing success you need to know the Digital Marketing revenue 1st, and to know the Digital Marketing revenue you have to apply this formula:

Digital Marketing revenue = Website Traffic * Conversion Rate * Product Value. 

If you promote the right product in front the right audience, you can increase the Digital Marketing revenue, because your target market is set right, they will show interest in your business as a result of which your traffic will increase, the conversion rate will increase and your overall Digital Marketing revenue will boost up.

#Cusomer action towards you Marketing campaign.

Customer action evaluation model. 

  • Awareness – Customer gets aware of your product – Web traffic
  • Consideration – Customer search for you more and more. – (Web Traffic – Avg time spend per visitor )
  • Research – Customer try to know more about your product detail and research about your competitors and more.  (Page views )
  • Purchase – Finally customer gets satisfied with your offering and buy the product. ( Sales )
  • Relationship – One become loyal and repeat customer of your site. ( New Vs returning )

Now that you have a complete understanding on how to evaluate the success of your campaign and tools to do it, we are sure you would not smash your head on heavy jargons of your Digital Marketing Agency and would know how to do it.

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