Things that matter to determine your website position in search engines

Elements which are required in Website to rank high
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Things that matter to determine your website position in search engines

The searches engine is very complex yet very simple phenomena, why I am saying this is because search engine works in a very basic principle of showing right content to right viewer to satisfy their own user. If we follow simple rules so that, we convince any search engine that against any particular key word if you show us in result page your user won’t be disappointed then our work is done. So what are the elements that Google or any other search engine consider while determining that their user won’t be disappointed if we show this against a perticular keyword? Some of the basic elements are written below please go through it.

Website Design :

Your website Design and layout determine a lot of things including your search engine ranking in search engine result page. If your website is poorly designed, it is very difficult to come on the front page of search engine. Serch engine would not like to show such result to their user that can’t be accessed properly of reading or navigated well. So you should be very careful while doing the website design, it should be well navigated and must be responsive so that it can open well in mobile phones.

Bounce Rate :

The bounce rate is the biggest factor in reducing your search rank result. Bounce rate is the number of visits in which visitors leave website from the landing page without surfing anymore. It means it is the percentage of site visitors who come to your website and leave after only seeing a single page. If your website has high bounce rate, search engine feel your website isn’t much appealing to get user attention for more time so your web page is not worth for many of the visitors, it impacts your search ranking as search engine lower your rank in a search engine if your website has high bounce rate.

Keyword and content placement

Keyword placement on your websites is a critical strategical task, it can determine many things on your website.  When users enter any keyword in Google search query, they’re offered with pages that are most likely to deliver the answer. Example- here is a snippet of each is generated on a search engine results page, with the help of that page’s title tag and Meta description.

So there should be right keyword placement for their titile, description and meta key word. and it should be related to the page content.

Average duration per visitor

Not only the bounce rate but how much time the per user spend on your website is also a very key factor, in determining the rank of a web page in search engine result page.

To increase the average time per visitor, write good article and blog, also put engaging content in your web page to increase the Avg. time per visitor.


Social Signals

Out bound link ans especially from social media websites, impact so much to search engine ranking of your website. When you engage with your customer or audiences out side your website and from social media they visit your website, it gives a very positive signal to the search engine that you are active and your audiences are intrested in a service or product you are offering , it gives you the slight edge on search engine, so do not forget to do Social media optimization for your website.

These are some of the important element which can efect your website ranking largely. If you have ny query regarding website desgin and SEO do write us.

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