Strict Social Media guideline issued by Indian election commission for political campaigning

Social Media instruction from election commisiion
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Strict Social Media guideline issued by Indian election commission for political campaigning

As the election is approaching in India, political parties are getting ready with their Social media strategy and promotional techniques but election commission of India on Monday drawn a very strict do’s and don’t for parties for their social media campaigns.

Here’s taking a quick look at some of the key guidelines issued for parties and candidates for Lok Sabha with respect to social media campaigning.

  • There will be a expert panel which will moniter social media activity of the party.
  • Pre-certificate has to be aquire in order to run digital campagin.
  • Candidate has to present their Social Media account details at the time of filing an nomination.
  • Patry and candidate has to file an experditure detail if any made in Social Media account.
  • All provision of MCC( Model code of Conduct ) will apply in social media.
  • Election commision is also in talks with tech companies to co oprate in the election and furnish details of Political ad spend.
  • The Commission has strictly maintained that the images or reference to defence personnel, martyrs should not be a part of campaigning purposes on social media or otherwise.
  • SocialSocial media activities of candidates would be under strict scrutiny by the Election Commission.

Social Media Instruction by indian election commisionAs political campaign strategy has changed for political parties and technology has taken a front seat in promoting candidates, Election commission has also formulated its plan to curb any misuse of Social Media platform.

In an article published in moneycontrol wrote

Youngsters, particularly first-time voters, are very heavy on social media, which is the primary channel of information for most of them, the former Chief Financial Officer of software major, Infosys Ltd, said.

“Social media may swing 4-5 percent of the votes”.

Looking at the impact of Social Media its important to take good vigil of this tool, for a free and fair election, Whether this proactiveness of election commission will yield any good result or not that time will tell.

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