Reasons why your social media marketing efforts are not giving results

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Reasons why your social media marketing efforts are not giving results

Social Media Marketing is gaining momentum day by day but for many small businesses, it’s still an unsolved puzzle s to how to get benefit out of Social Media marketing. They are trying some things here and there but not getting business results that they are looking for. In this article, we will look at the primary reasons why your social media marketing efforts are not giving results.

No one is seeing your post/updates

It may happen that you are posting on your social media brand page regularly but no one is seeing your post. Yes, many times due to the low engagement rate of the page or due to some other reasons our post doesn’t show off to the people who are following us, in this case, no matter how hard we try it is difficult to get the desired result.

Too much Direct selling

People are following your page not just to buy something but they want some value out of your page. If you keep on just selling them, without giving any value like ( Tips, update, humor, info, etc ) they ll less engage with your page and the result you wish to take out from your social media page will never be realized.

Not engaging with your followers

Engagement is key here, If you are not engaging with your following in terms of like, comment, share their edge rank with you ll go down, and as it goes down they ll stop seeing your post and your Social media efforts ll go in vain as no one is seeing it.

Not making a consistent effort

Consistency is a prime important task for your Social Media engagement drive, you are just doing Social Media promotion for someday or week and then stop and then after some month again start, it ‘ll be very tough for you to regain engagement in your page. So no matter what be consistent with your effort, you can tweak something here and there but your effort should not stop.

Your content is not unique

Content is king in any social media marketing strategy if your content is not unique in terms of quality, presentation and approach then it’s very tough in today’s competitive market to get any result with ordinary content strategy & planning. Be unique in your approach, present your content in a most compelling manner & keep a quality standard high, you ‘ll surely get a good result.

These are some of the major reasons due to which your Social media efforts are not driving any result. For any Social Media query please feel free to write us on

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