Latest Update on YouTube from July 2018 [ Very important ]

Latest Update on YouTube from July 2018 [ Very important ]
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Latest Update on YouTube from July 2018 [ Very important ]

Youtube is continually making an improvement on their product from advertisers as well as from publishers point of view. In series of these improvements, YouTube is coming up with 3 more updates in coming months. Let’s see what are those improvement and how can it help you.

#1. Youtube channel membership

The tools include a Channel Memberships feature that will allow viewers to subscribe to channels for a monthly fee. The channel memberships are available for $4.99 a month offering viewers an access to exclusive content, including live streams, extra videos or shout-outs on channels with more than 100,000 subscribers.  Your fans can subscribe for your additional stuff with $4.99 and the creator can increase their monthly revenue.

#2. YouTube Merchandise

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Under this feature, YouTube creator can sell their stuff to their fan’s and viewers. It can be affiliate items or their own customised product. The product tab ll be shown below the YouTube video. Up to 20 merchandise creator can sell.  By selling these personalised product creator can increase their brand as well as their monthly revenue.

#3 Youtube primers

On YouTube live you can go live with prerecorded video as well now, Initially, this option was not available with the creators but now creator can go live with prerecorded video. This is done with an intent to increase the use of chat feature on live video, which was not possible previously because one cant do live and chat simultaneously.


These feature ll be live by July 2018. What you guys think about these changes do write us at @

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