Important technology update from Facebook’s F8 and Google’s I/O 2018 event

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Important technology update from Facebook’s F8 and Google’s I/O 2018 event

The two major giant technological company Google and Facebook have recently upheld their annual event namely Facebook F8 and Google’s I/O 2018, where they have revealed there future plans and newer technologies to the common people.  So, let us see some of the important takeaway’s from both of these events.


Major Take away’s from Facebook’s F8 event.

# Facebook will give the user power to Delete history 

In a major step taken by the Facebook under the pretext of Data security, Facebook will now let the user delete their browsing history. Essentially, this feature will enable users to clear any and all information collected from third-party sites, as well as disable Facebook’s ability to access and learn from it.

# Facebook is about to launch it’s own dating app

In a surprising move by Facebook, it has announced to start it’s own dating app like tinder, Popular dating apps Tinder and Bumble present a virtual deck of cards with a user’s picture, name, and age. Meaningful information like a person’s interests or values is found deeper in the profile, if at all.

Facebook Analytics 

Facebook has rolled out it’s analytical tool for page owner, the app is available for Android as well as for IOS, Facebook Analytics helps you understand how people are using your desktop and mobile websites, iOS, and Android apps, and Bots for the messenger. With well over 1.7B monthly users and growing, we built Facebook Analytics using the same tools, techniques, and infrastructure to help you grow your business.

# Video Chat on Instagram 

Facebook has announced that now Instagram users can do a video chat like WhatsApp or Google Duo, The live video appears in a split-screen mode, with the original creator of the video on top and the guest on the bottom. The user can invite any current viewer to join the broadcast by tapping an icon on the bottom right.

#Oculus Go Now Officially Available on Sale at $199

The last but not the least important takeaway from the Facebook F8 Developer Conference was regarding the Oculus Go, the $199 budget standalone VR headset.


Major Take away’s from Google’s I/O 2018 event.

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The google’s event was more about Artificial intelligence and Machine learning,  They announced some of the major changes and updates in there premier product such as Google assistant, Google lens & more.

# Google Assistant will converse  like Human 

In a major update in the product, google assistant will talk more like a human, and will perform many tasks such as booking tickets and appointment for you, shopping for you and many more task will be performed by Google assistant, 6 more voices will get integrated into the assistant.

AI & Healthcare

AI can help predict cardiovascular risk, and detect it non-invasively. Pichai says AI will field trials to diagnose diabetic retinopathy in developing countries.

#Google photos

You will now be able to make your kid look cuter in pictures, make the colors pop, recreate old pictures. If you have a friend’s photo Google photos will suggest one hit share to them. AI will be seamlessly integrated with photos to cherish all your memories.

Google News

google is also making significant changes to its news platform. With questions being raised over its inability to control the flow of fake news, the tech giant is now looking towards AI to power Google News. A new “For You” section, along with a new format called newscasts, will be added to Google News in the coming days.

AI intimidating to developers

AI expertise is hard to come by, and it’s intimidating to developers. So Google is launching a new set of AI APIs called ML Kit. ML kit will open a lot of avenues to explore for the developers.


These were some of the Important updates from Google and Facebook’s annual event, for more info On Digital Marketing mail us on, You can also opt for Digital Marketing Course in Raipur at our center.

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