How Facebook is planning to strengthen the Data privacy of it’s user

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How Facebook is planning to strengthen the Data privacy of it’s user

The data privacy has become the talk of the day, after a whistleblower from Cambridge analytica exposed the like between US election & Cambridge analytica, as how the company analytica used the personal data of the Facebook user to manipulate the election. As Mark has given his statement in the US Congress, and excepted his mistake of data leak and its use for political gain, he also assures the parliament that, in the upcoming election in India, US, Brazil, Pakistan he would make sure that no data could be leaked from Facebook.

So in this article let us understand how Facebook can stop such things from taking place in future. 

To understand how this could be stopped, our readers need to understand how these data leak took place in 1st place. Facebook is free to use social media platform which is being used by billion of people within India and globe. So,  by virtue of its model facebook has billion of data ( user data ). Under the facebook, there are many apps ( private developer apps ) are hosted, which perform their own function like telling you birthday updates of your friends, when you use such apps you accept to Facebook to pass your information to that particular app developer, some time it could be just your public profile ( Name, Email, profile pic), Sometime it could be more like your friend list, page you have liked, your recent location etc.

In this particular one, such app developer ( Mr. kogan ) has managed to access 50 million data from Facebook through a psychometric app develop by him which was hosted on Facebook. He then sold the data to Cambridge analytica, which is a company involved in political management in different parts of the world. The company cambridge analytica used that data to do a voter profiling and modeling.

So, this is in brif was the data leak episode which took place in Facebook. Now how can facebook stop such things to ocuer again. 

Some of the hint covering this aspect was revealed by Mark Zukaburg himself in his last three facebook post. Let’s see what he said on the issue.


1st post

2nd post

3rd Post


So what we can make out of these facebook post by Mark. 

  • Facebook will now pass little user information to the Pvt. app developers.
  • There is going to be a crackdown on propaganda page on Facebook.
  • Every advertiser who wants to run political or issue ads will need to be verified.
  • Facebook is going to give more importance to its user than advertisers and developer.
  • Every big Facebook page owner has to verify his location, name, organization.
  • Content review and audit will become part of the Facebook policy.

What this update means for marketers.

  • There will more focus on the brand page relationships with fans.
  • Advertising is going to be costly.
  • Multi page ( Big pages ) have to get verified.
  • Less organic engagement ( as algorithm gets updated )

As Facebook chief Mark clarified  in the US Senate congress he promised his user that, till the time he is at the helm of the Facebook affair, facebook  Advisers and developers will never take priority over that as long as I am running Facebook.”

We will keep you updated on further facebook development.


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