Facebook extends ad breaks for Indian creators

Facebook Starts Adbreak for Indian Creators
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Facebook extends ad breaks for Indian creators

In a creators day event here in India, Facebook extends ad break functionality for Indian creators. Ad break was working in 9 countries since last one year, but now it is extending for Indian publishers as well. Ad break is a functionality where creators ( Video creators) can monetize their content. Creators can insert short ads that people can include in their eligible videos to earn money. Ad breaks are now available for eligible partners in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and English.  Ad breaks can only be included in videos at least three minutes long, but there’s more you can do to make the most of your content, and we’re here to help. Actionable insights help you understand how you’re doing and how to improve.


Eligibility for ad breaks  In India :

  • Has a page in Facebook for last 60 days.
  • Has more then 10,000 page following.
  • In last 60 days  30,000 one-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long.
  • And following the facebook content guideline. See more 


We’re seeing consumer videos exploding on our platform and today video has become one of the biggest drivers of engagement growth on facebook, said Paresh Rajwat head of product Video in Facebook India.

With the Adbreaks, facebook has also introduced a brand collabs manager for creatos to collaborate with the brand and work with them, Company can also connect with influencers in this platform. Brand collab tool will work as meadiator between Influencers / creator and advertisers, this tool is sppouse to be launced in early 2019.




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