Drupal or Magento: Which is more suitable for your Ecommerce Store?

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Drupal or Magento: Which is more suitable for your Ecommerce Store?

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E-commerce has captured almost 50% of the online market which shows the impact of it among others. The spectacular field and the custom made websites enthralled the viewers and proselyte their minds to become a regular customer of these websites leaving behind their usual marketing techniques. The current generation is of E-commerce, but no one knows what future will show and which business will capture the place of it or it will remain the king of all. Being a popular business, still, there are many who face the difficulty in reaching the conclusion of what being the best solution to entice others. E-commerce Digital Marketing professionals always acquire themselves in a big debate about which is the best open source eCommerce platform for getting a staggering website that can block viewers for a while. Either it is Drupal or it is Magento, which one wins the battle is the debate and it is still on.

Setting up an online store is not a big task but choosing an E-commerce platform for it could be a big hassle for the startups for an instance. A wrong choice could push you in depth and would never leave a single chance for you to come back from the darkness you face once. It is the market of the 21st century where customers are everything and they are being treated as God next to the original one. Earning money is the prime aim of any startup whether it is an E-commerce business or anything else. Today, the soul of an E-commerce business is the platform in which it has been developed & it has the power to lift you up or push you down within a jiffy. A focus on the right path and a good decision for choosing the best eCommerce platform could result in the betterment of your current and future aspects of your business. It will abet you in touting the features of your Ecommerce business & let you scale the graph of your sales as per the time you’ve stipulated.

The search related to the best eCommerce platform is in its pace, but the turmoil is getting height about what actually you are looking for and how you want it to get it done”? If you are not aware of the importance of eCommerce business and what features of it could abet your business to rank first, then you would probably need the help of a tool that could help you to stand out from the crowd. Lots of the eCommerce platforms are there in the market, but not all serve the features you are looking for or I must say not all contains the features that could boost the sales of your business in this huge competitive world. Choosing the right platform and taking the advantage of it could lower your risk and abet you to sustain among your competitors. Don’t stick on your assumptions as it could take you to a wrong path. You have one chance & this will decide what you can achieve in future. Pick the best after analyzing its capabilities so that it can meet all your current & future requirements.

From a business perspective, choosing an eCommerce platform would be the crucial step as the whole business depends on it. Albeit, you’ve lots of options in the online market which will confuse you for an instant, you need to abide one which fulfills your requirement and abet your business to reach the heights quickly. The big endeavor here is to make you understand which E-commerce platform fits on your requirement and how it could give you the benefits for which you’re opting it. Basic things related to the development of an eCommerce website is common on every platform, but the prime features in every Ecommerce platform make it more advantageous than other. Here we are talking about two of the finest Ecommerce platforms i.e. DRUPAL and MAGENTO. Let’s get into the features of it so that we can make a clear view why we choose one among the other.

Let’s make it a little bit easy for the readers to understand why there is a difference between Drupal and Magento and what are the important features which differ them from each other.

Drupal is one of the finest Ecommerce platforms and it being called as the best CMS in the segment whereas Magento is not based on CMS but it is better as per selling goods. You might have confused with the term CMS. It is Content Management System and Drupal specializes in it. It comes with hundreds of modules incorporated in it which provides different functionalities such as payments, orders, receipts, invoices and other functions which are required by the merchants. This makes the complete process from check in to check out much easier than what they normally face at the local stores. Albeit, Drupal is best in many terms, but when it comes to product management, Magento wins the battle.

Magento is not a CMS but the capabilities of CMS are inbuilt in it. Drupal offers better shopping cart extensions which are good for membership services and permission based content, but it is not robust when it comes to selling products to customers. There is a module which helps to integrate the functionality of Magento into Drupal, but it is not the functionality which is required. Magento offers easiness in handling of products and it seamlessly manages all the processes of different stores with the same back end at one time.

When we hear the word FREE we run towards it to check out what we are getting without paying for it. Here, Drupal modules are free and easy to access which is its beauty. But in context to Magento you need to purchase the module or you can design your own and sell them. Magento modules are licensed and can’t obtain free of cost. Yet, Magento offers convenience in huge products handling within a website which is the main aspects of an ECommerce website. One is CMS permission based shopping cart system and the other one is product based shopping cart system. Both have benefits in their own section. You need to choose one as per your requirement. If you feel any difficulty, feel free to any.

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