7 Actionable social media marketing tips for small business [ 2019 updated ]

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7 Actionable social media marketing tips for small business [ 2019 updated ]

With the change in social media algorithms, Social media marketing is getting difficult day by day, most of the big giants have considerably reduced the organic reach and made the game pay to play, its making life difficult for even big players to grow and drive traffic organically. Then the question arises is organic social media dead for small business in 2019? the answer is no, you just need to be inventive and use some simple tips and tricks which work in 2019 to get going with your social media strategy. In this article, we will share 7 actionable Social Media Marketing Tips for small business to follow in 2019. 

#1 Know your business and what are your Social media objectives

7 Actionable social media marketing tips for small business [ 2019 updated ]

To get the desired result you need to completely know about your business and know what your marketing objective is, with understanding of your business we mean , know your product, know your segment, understand what is your buyer persona is, in which platform your prospective buyer spends his time, what problem of buyer your product/ services going to solve etc. all these answers are very important to plan out a successful social media strategy. Unless you have these answers you can’t proceed with a social media plan.

#2 Create a content calendar and content strategy for your business

Once you know about your product and your audiences make sure you create a content schedule and strategy.  As per the post in Social Media Today     consistency, clarity and retention,  are the main pillars of Social media marketing today, well advance planning of your content ( as per your client persona ) help you to be consistent with your post, retain the momentum, helps you in creating a verity of content, create consistency interaction and reach and of course you don’t get frustrated looking for new content.

#3 Understand the algorithm


To be successful in social media marketing in today’s time you need to be updated with different social media algorithms, how they operate, which type of post they like or they show to more people and what kind of post they demote. For example, early interaction of your post is important for all the social media platform, they show your post to some set of initial people and check their reaction if people react to it, they show to it to the larger audience, so one thing becomes clear with it that is, early interaction is important for social media, likewise there are many different algorithms which work under different social media platform, you need to understand those algorithms and plan your content strategy around it.

#4 write a compelling post title

A title of your post can make and break your reach, be creative with your title, put the question which your post is trying to answer, be direct in communication with your readers, excite your readers to read full, create a title which compels your reader to share the post. famous blogger Neil Patel shares in his post that Headlines are worth 90% of the advertising dollar, he also mentions that 99 % of the blog doesn’t have any organic engagement, but a catchy headline can get your article share 1000 times. So make sure you don’t adopt any lousy approach while making your post title.

#5 Use video content a lot

All most every social media platform emphasizes on video content, as video content generates more engagement of than a blog content or normal picture content. Moving to video marketing via social media is best SMO move you can take at this juncture, whether its IGTV or Facebook watch or LinkedIn all are promoting videos, so what is stopping you? Ohh men-power? you can use Animoto and wave.video and other video-making tools by which you can create awesome videos in just 10 minutes.

#6 Adopt the mobile 1st approach

7 Actionable social media marketing tips for small business [ 2019 updated ]
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As per inc.com In 2019 95% of Facebook users log-in to their profile via their smartphones, due to this all social media platform are focussing on a mobile platform, to sync your strategy with the platform, your Social media strategy should also be a mobile 1st strategy, This means focusing on shorter posts. People on mobile don’t usually want to scroll down and read long articles. If you use paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram (which run on the same platform since Facebook owns Instagram), remember to target mobile users. Test your layouts and images on mobile. When you post photos, for example, do they look good on smartphones or are they cropped? Make sure any links in your posts or ads lead to mobile-optimized landing pages. Create a short video, push a customer to check in, provide customer chat bot support. It ‘ll help you increase your engagement as well as customer retention.

#7 Be creative, courageous enough to take risk

Social media is a dynamic platform, it’s a fast-moving space, things are changing so rapidly, use different tricks always, experiment with your post, don’t be afraid to get informal with your audience, conduct polls, quiz contest, take feedback, survey form do different things differently, repost your old blog using different title and tags, workout with different image / video layout and frame. The point I’m trying to make here is, be creative always don’t get repetitive and don’t hesitate to try something new.


These are some of the simple yet effective Social media tips that will help get going your social media strategy in 2019, for more you can always contact DigitalChanakya Mail at Digitalchanakya@gmail.com

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