Digital Marketing


How To Validate That Your Digital Marketing Campaign is on a right path

Many times the business owner wonders whether his Digital Marketing plan running on a right path or he is making mistake, and it becomes really difficult to understand and judge own Digital Marketing campaign success.  In this research article, we are going to tell you about the tools and way to comprehend the success and effectiveness of your Digital Marketing plan.   Evaluation of the success of your Digital Marketing plan depends on many things but majorly it is depended on the goal of [...]

Raman Singh Most followed politician in Social Media from Chhattsgarh

Top most followed politician on social media in Chhattisgarh : Raipur Special

Since the 2014 election, the way Narendra Modi won the election with the immense help of his social media brigade and campaigns he ran on almost all social media platform has changed the outlook of state politicians as well in regard to social media management. People perception is the big thing in politics and social media is the greatest tool is been discovered to manage the people perception & Chhatisgarh’s politician have understood this fact and they have started using it more aggressively and professionally but they [...]

Digital Marketing Activity for Company

Small Scale Company must perform these Digital Marketing activity to boost their brand online

We have entered in 2017, India is going Digital every transaction is happening online. It is the best time for small scale Industries to start their Digital Marketing campaign to boost their brand online. If they still don’t perform. I am afraid they may lag behind their competition. Here, I will discuss some of the Major Digital Marketing activity from which Small scale Industry can jump start.  Website Development: The website is a basic requirement for any small scale company to have to promote their business [...]